Nursery Help! Poll!

So, through talking to a friend I work with, I have a little nursery dillemia....HELP! 

At first, I thought I wanted to do the little boy's nursery in the brown, aqua, and orange color scheme....see here.... it all really centered around this thing....

Pinned Image

I love this hamper!!!   I found it on Pinterest and comes from this online store

But, after talking with Lexy, I may have changed my mind. 

Now, I'm thinking about a yellow, black and grey color scheme....centered around this....

Pinned Image

I know....funny....but the basic idea is the same....

Safari theme with elephants and other animals...like tigers....and whta I love about the 2nd scheme is that I could still do aqua and orange accents...just a few.  The 2nd idea seems so much manly to me...but I'm not sure.  It would go better with darker furniture which I like. 

HELP!  Vote on your favorite. 

Which color scheme do you like better for the nursery?
Aqua, Orange and Brown
Yellow, Black, and Grey
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Thanks! Sara

1 comment:

Kendra said...

I havent voted yet bc I like both. If your furniture is black, I like the black, white and grey. If it is brown, I like the teal, orange and brown. You could even do grey in there too. But I like both lol.

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