Home Tour: Master Bedroom

Today is the time to show you my master bedroom.  I love my bedroom.  Justin and I have been slowly working on our room since we moved in. 

Welcome to our bedroom.  A few things to point out: 1. the door goes to the back patio.  I love having that door BUT I don't much like the door itself.  We are planning on replacing the door this summer with a sliding one.  Maybe one of these days, we will have a hot tub right outside to go and relax in. :)
2. The rug is a custom capret piece from a flooring store in Ozark.  We were able to give them measurments and they had a piece edged so it's now a rug.  I love it!  It makes all the difference in the world.  I love our hardwood floors but they made our bedroom feel kinda cold.  The rug warms it up so much. 
3. The mirror on the far right wall is where our tv will hang.  (see below)

The ceiling is the great and wonderful popcorn, but hopefully we will be fixing that this summer too.  I love the insert part though.  We replaced the fan.  The old one was on a remote and didn't work so well...it made the room dark.  This one is so much better!

Our furniture was the first thing that Justin and I bought as a married couple.  It's great furniture and will last us forever.  Hopefully, we will be able to pass it down to kids or grandkids.  

The dresser sits on my side of the bed, right next to my hamper. 

I made the "F" wall hanging from a pinterest idea.  I bought an oval frame and took the "guts" out of it, including the glass.  Then I covered the guts minus the glass with a piece of burlap.  Then I hot glued the "F" to the burlap.  All of the parts came from Hobby Lobby and cost me a total of $20 to make.  I love the piece.  It fits really well with the color scheme in our room. 

The bedding came from Dillards a couple of years ago.  Justin and I struggled with finding a bedding set that he and both liked.  We've had a couple of quilts but none have worked until this one.  We got it on sale for 75% off.  AWESOME!  It will work until it doesn't.  :)

The bedside tables are different from one another. Justin's (the right)

Mine is more of a nightstand.  It has one drawer (obviously).  I found our lamps at target for $35 each.  The worked well on the other house.  One of these days, I'd like to get larger lamps.  (Maybe a couple of pictures to hang above them)
Justin's is more of a smaller chest.  He's got all kinds of storage in the room.  

This door goes into our bathroom (which you see on Thursday).  Where the mirror is hanging is where the tv is going to hang.  There is a cable hook-up right behind it.  Can't wait to get that fixed.  The mirror will move to the space right above the vanity. That picture frame will moved to the wall next to the door. (on the left side of the vanity)  The vanity was my great aunt's.  There is stool that goes under it but right now it's acting as stool in the bathroom.  I don't really use the vanity.  My plan is to organize it with my perfume and maybe jewerly box.  (that's sitting on the right side of the dresser right now)

Another view of the vanity.  It's a very nice peice I just don't want to sit there and get ready.  Let's be honest....I sit in the bathroom floor and get ready for work.  Yea I sure do. 

 You have already seen a little bit of my closet. It was custom built and installed by our awesome carpenter Chance Thurmond.  I designed it....I kinda knew what I wanted and I don't think I would change much if I got to do it over again.  The right side is my side.  It includes dresser space, the shelves for baskets and the double hanging space.  Oh and my shoe rack....:)  LOVE IT!

It's kinda messy right now but that's how it usually stays.  I'm not going to clean it extra good just so I can look better...so here it is.  Let's be honest here, I have too many clothes.  So many actually, when I get done with this, I'm heading to clean it out.  I won't be able to wear most of these clothes until next year (or maybe longer) anyway....so I'm going to pack it away to make room for maternity (blah!) clothes. 

The baskets hold my unmentionables.  The top two are under garments.  The middle holds my leggings and the bottom two are dress socks and athletic socks.  The very top shelf is where I store my purses.  I need to figure out a better way to organize them...right now, they are kinda thrown up there haphazardly.  Any suggestions?  My Pj bottoms and sweatshirts are stuffed into the shelves without baskets.  I'm not sure what to do with those things... maybe pack them away under my bed for summer....on the list of thigns to take care of this summer.

Since I'm going to be living in dresses this summer b/c I don't want to buy summer maternity clothes (but I'm going to have to) I have quite a few dresses.  It's kinda packed right now. 

 And of course, my show rack.  I love it.  It's full of course.  The bottom shelf is not angled so it's the perfect space for my flipfloppy collection. 

And that's my master bedroom.  Hope you enjoyed it.  I love it.  It's homey to us and it works.  Have a great day!  Enjoy the weather! 

God Bless!


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Love your ceiling!

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