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Okay, I'm going to be frank with you today. Justin and I are (what seems like) very busy people. One of the reasons I wanted to do this "home tour" was to document everything that we wanted to do to the house. Yesterday I had grand plans of cleaning out my closet but things change and instead, I spent about 2 hours updating the "to-do" list. Oh, you wanna see it...well, ok then. Here it is in all it's glory.

 This is an important page....it has Molly's room and the baby's room on it. 

This is specifically the "summer" list.  I would like to get all this finished by the time I start back to school.

OK....so it's a long list.  Here's the sad thing.... that's the house list.  I have one that long or longer for school.  Summer is NOT 3 months long and teacher don't get 3 months off...just so we get that straight!

Alright...off to the rooms....so, we are busy...we are messy....I am not embarrased to show you what these other three rooms look like b/c it's us and maybe this will give me motivation to get some stuff done!  :)

Bedroom #2: future baby #2's room.  

We will be finding the sex next Tuesday, so this room is in limbo...but right now it's acting as the laundry "catch-all".  On my list to get finished today.  Can you believe that Monday you couldn't actually see the bedspread?  Yea, bad I know. 

Ta da!
This is Justin's childhood furniture.  The bed is NOT good...at all.  It's currently acting as a guest bed...when we have guests, we clean it off.... don't judge. This room is also the ironing room.  Justin and I were just talking the other day about when this baby comes, we won't be able to have it looking like this....ppsshhh...you'll see the future laundry "catch-all" in a second.
 This is the closet in the room.  It is the other closet we had redone.  It's currently housing all my off season stuff.... bye bye to that in a couple of months.  No plan for that though, I'm actually a little worried about that.

Bedroom #3: Molly's Room

Yea, it basically has the same look as the other house.  The walls were light blue already.  She will be getting a room upgrade this summer.  We will hopefully be converting her bed to a full bed soon. We need to buy the rails but then we will be moving the mattress from the guest bed to her room. 
 Molly's closet...last week I moved all her toys from the living room to her room.  Depsite what it looks like, you can get to her clothes and other stuff. 

There are things in her current room that will be staying....1. the light blue lamp is my grandma's lamp and is about 50 years old.  I love it and always have. 

When we get her bed rails, we will hopefully also be getting the hutch that goes with her dresser.  We're going to start potty training soon and will not be needing the changing mat. (it will get moved next door to the baby's room)

I love her name.  I worked so hard on it and am very proud.  I think the "M" might be able to stay in her new room so that's a small thing that makes me happy.

The small table in the corner will become her "bedside" table and the sign above her crib will stay in the room as well. 

This is actually that I call Bedroom #5 b/c it's the smallest of all the other rooms but it's the office.  It's a little too small to be a bedroom, (in my opinion) but it does have a HUGE closet.  This room and bedroom #4 (below) is at the opposite end house form the master or the other tow bedrooms.  This is part of the addition that they did in 2008 (or 6, I can't remember)
 This is the current state of our office.  It includes a desk, a tv stand with tv and a filing cabinet.

This is actually the exat place I'm sitting as I type.... but our current desk is one of those things I loath.  I would really like to get a desk like the one below the pic....

Pinned Image

The tv sits in the corner and adds some entertaiment, distraction when I am working on school stuff late at night. 

The closet is a mess but we were talking yesterday that we just need some shelves from Lowe's that we can just organize that crap on.  Nothing too fancy b/c it's the office clset but it could act as a storage closet for off season clothing boxes. 

There are things in the room that I love...these are a couple of my dad's old albums that I framed with record fromes from Michael's.  We've got boxes...I may raid them again and see if I can't get some more.  :)

This flag and the medals belong to Justin's granddad Austin Floyd.  He proudly served in World War II.  We are planning on making them a father's day gift for Justin's dad.  SSSSHHHHHH don't tell him.

And last but not least, another catch-all/limbo room Bedroom #4: my "craft" room/furture guest bedroom.

This bedroom sits right next to the office. It's currently nothing really.  BUT...my grand plan is to buy a queen size mattress for my childhood bed (which is white, like the furniture) and making this the guest bedroom. 

I also want to keep it my crafting room...not that I'm doing much crafting here lately.

 The bed will sit on the left wall.  The desk is currently housing most of our books.  I'd like to move those another bookshelf. 

Again, the closet is pretty spacey.  I would like to install some more hanging space (for off season clothes). 

 My wedding dress...:)

 The current state of my crafting supplies.  It's a project that I started but never finished....which completly drives me NUTS!!!....So much so, I may actually go work on it now....

 If you have any suggestions, besides clean it up....it is surely welcome!  There are a lot of grand plans but nothing has come to furision yet.  Hoepfully in another year, I can do this home tour again and show you how much it's changed!!!

Hope you are having a great day!

God Bless, Sara

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