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Oh y'all thought I meant last week?  Sorry... :) 

This week I will be hosting a tour of my home.  We moved into this home in Ozark in August of 2011.  We were super excited to get ourselves moved to Ozark.  (me especially)  It cut my drive to work and to Molly's daycare down by 25 minutes.  I am 5 minutes from the high school and Justin is 10 minutes (without traffic) to work.  There is so much we still wanna do but here are the living spaces in their current state.

NOTE: these pics were taken with my iphone b/c I can't find the SLR.  Sorry about the quality. 

This is what I call our "living room".  It's more formal.  I love the fireplace...although I would like to put in a gas log insert.  I'm not big on actually burning wood in the fireplace.  Too much mess and smoky smell. 

The rug was the one that was in our living room at our old house. Before that, it had been in our bedroom. We had a custom rug made for our current master bed.  I'm super excited to show you that tomorrow!! 

There's not much seating in here but one of these days I hope to get a couple of chairs that can add some more. 

The coffee table and side tables were my grandparents that they have loaned us.  I LOVE THEM.....they are antiques and still in great shape. 

The couch table behind the couch I have been asking my mom to borrow FOREVER!  The lamps are the famous monkey lamps that we couldn't give away at a yard sale...but they fit really well in our space.

The couch table.  Excuse the ugly cords.  You can't see them unless you are standing in the very corner of the room.

A close-up of the the monkey lamps.  I think they are awesome.  

We put the DVD/VHS movie cabinet in the corner with kinda of the same set-up as we had in the other house.  It fits well there I think.  It's a great storage unit.  It was a piece of my childhood furniture that we painted and gave new hardware.

Our bedroom is smaller in this house than it was in the old one so we had to do some creative furniture placement.  The tv cabinet actually belongs with our bedroom furniture.  It fits well here and provides a place to put our living room tv.  This means of course that we don't have a tv in our bedroom but we will be fixing that problem really soon....like tonight!

Our current mantel set up.  The mantel is MASSIVE!  I love my bouquet of flowers but that's really it.  I created the bouquet from flowers from Hobby Lobby (1/2 off of course)
The mantel is still set up for the fall and winter.  I'd like to redo it for the summer but I have ZERO inpspiration right now...maybe I'll get a bout when I begin "nesting".  

This is our family room or "den" as I call it.  This is the addition to the original house.  They added on in 2008 and gained a living space, a full bath, and 2 "bedrooms".  One acts as our office b/c it's really pretty small. 
There are BIG changes coming to this room over the next couple of months ( I hope).  First: The glider will be making its way to the baby's room.  That's one thing that I have decided needs to be different from Miss Molly's babyhood.  In it's place, I'd like to put a cuddler.  If you don't know what that is, it's like an x-large recliner.  Smaller than a loveseat but bigger than a normal recliner. 
The TV was a present to ourselves b/c our big screen went kuput.  (thank the good Lord :)) It's 60 inches of heaven.  I LOVE it.  It's amazing!  Ok, I'm done. Moving on....

I've got big plans for this wall....currently, it's just plain white and I hate it.  I'd like to paint it dark blue and make it a hodge podge of frames and trinkets and such.  I've seen lots of ideas on pinterest.  If you're on pinterest, you can go here to follow me. 
The table is our old dinner table.  We didn't want to get rid of it.  This room is big we were able to it in here and provide some extra eating places for when we host parties or family get togethers. 
Molly's table is the little white one.  She loves sitting there and coloring or eating.  My parents got it at Ikea in Dallas.  It's handy to have when the neices come over. 

Another shot of the big empty wall....if you have any grand ideas, please let me know.  You can see off to the right is the dining room and kitchen. 

Molly's toys took up the space under the window until last week.  Mommy decided that it was getting a little out of control so I moved them to her room.  Alls that's left is her books, which have found a temporary home in the very corner.  I'm planning on creating a "reading space" for her this summer.  

 The windows behind the couch look out onto the screened in porch. (my favorite room) There are no curtains up there for a few reasons: 1. curtains are expensive, 2. we kinda like having that outdoor connection, 3. I'm not sure what the color scheme is going to be in this room so I'm waiting. 

 There you have it.  That's our two living spaces.  Tomorrow, I'll show you my master bedroom. Hope you have a great week! 

God Bless!


Leah said...

If you do end up getting a gas insert for your fireplace, spend the extra $ for a remote control. Trust me on this one! Flipping a switch to turn on the fireplace is awesome, but nothing sucks more than having to get up from your comfy couch to flip said switch.

Mallory said...

Looks great, very roomy!!

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I love reading the history behind furniture pieces that were handed down. You just don't hear that anymore.
I'm glad my husband and I have made some finds that we plan on passing down to our son.
You have a welcoming and warm space.

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