Molly's Big Girl Room Inspiration

Since I found out I was pregnant, we've been trying to decide what to do about new furniture. Should we get Molly new furniture or get the baby new stuff?

Molly's bed converts to a full size bed.  I'm currently thinking that we will just get the baby new furniture and let Miss Molly keep her stuff and grow up with it. 

I've also been trying to think about whyat I want her "big girl" room to look like. I want something that is going to grow up with her, at least until she becomes and teenager and hates everything that I've done for her...ever....yea, can't wait till that day. since I'm planning on showing you her room tomorrow I'll remind you of what it looked like at the other house.....

It looks much the same now.

Anyway, I'm thinking about things to do.  I've found a bedding set from Land of Nod that I really like but I'm wondering if it's too....I'm not sure.  I'm wondering if it's right for Miss Molly?  What do you think?  Here's the inspiration board I made today for Miss Molly's Big Girl Bedroom.   What do you think?  Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, Sara

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