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You know, most of the time, you can ask and I'll tell you my opinion about anything...really...I'm an opinionated person. Anyone who is reading this that knows me, knows this is a very correct statement. But...I rarely ever talk about my opinions on things in my blog. I reserve it for the life of Molly... But there are some many things to talk about in today's life....So today, I thought I'd give you my opinion on a "hot topics" (not to take anything way from the ladies of the View). Be prepared...you can agree with me or not...I don't really care...but you can't deny that some (or most) of what I say is just the way it is... :)

1. I'll start with the most disturbing and "worst enviromental disaster in history". It's day 59 of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Pictures like the one below are all over the internet and the news and are some of the saddest pictures I've ever seen. You know, I think of myself as enviromentally conscience but not a huge one. I mean, I drive an SUV, I don't recycle, and I use styrofoam...but I THINK about the enviroment. I believe in Global Warming...and think that even if it's not real...that shouldn't give us a reason to be irresponsible.

I have to say...I voted for Barack Obama. I son't think of myself as a Demoract or Republican but I would say that I think a bit more liberally than say...my husband. Without giving you too much...or pissing anyone off... I think that being more understanding and accepting than critical and of people is a more Christain way of living.

But I'm a little upset with the way that President Obama has handled this thing. I know he's a politican but I actually thought that when we elected him, he was going to do things differently. I would be a little bit more intense when it came to issues. Really, President Obama...it's took you 58 days of oil spilling into the Gulf to address the nation? 58 DAYS!!!???

You couldn't come to us before now? You couldnt just come on and say to the American people that you are pissed and BP will pay? (And hopefully they will) I really think that this will get him beat in the next election...and I'll be honest...unless the Republicans nominate someone ridiculous...like Sarah Palin or Roy Blunt... I'll probably vote against him. He's bought into the Washinton CRAP!!! He's being so controlled by what everyone around thinks is "politcally correct" that I think he's CHANGED!!!

BOOOOOOOO Mr. President!!!

Now, I didn't watch the speech last night (I was, stead, watching Carrie Underwood and Craig Morgan dance around and entertain us on stage)...but I DID watch it this morning...and I thought it was okay. It wasn't anything too exciting. BUT... I LOVED what he said about the oil spill influencing our need to find a clean energy source.

2. You know, I was going to talk about Miley Cyrus and Perez Hilton, and Linsday Lohan next...now, there's a trio that probably should be illegal...oh wait...it is b/c Cryus is underage!! (p.s. That's why he's in trouble..apparently he posted a picture of Miley with no underwear...bad Perez!!...That's just gross!)

But instead, I think I will chat about something a little bit more "local" than dumping billions of gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. I don't watch Days of Our Lives, but I do daily watch The View...

I don't agree with everything that all the women on the View say...in fact, I disagree with every single "View" about something. I may agree with Elizabeth on one thing but disagree with her on another. In my opinion (and that's what this post is all about)...
1. Elizabeth needs to calm down a bit...she's a bit radical about her conservatism. She says some things sometimes that I would not consider to be "christian" at all. But overall, she's okay.
2. Joy is wayyyyyyyyyyy too liberal. Somethings she says, I would like to throw something at the tv...
3. Whoopie is my fave!! I love the way that she plays devil's advocate.

But yesterday, I was so disappointed in Elizabeth. Kathy Griffen was the guest and I will admit...she is disgusting and, most of the time, is not very funny. But apparently, Kathy has said some things about Elizabeth (and Sherri for that matter) that were not very nice. First, Elizabeth was sooooooo unprofessional and just plain mean herself. Kathy is a comidienne and gets paid to do what she does...make fun of people! (She does it well....disrespectfully but well...she gets the rise out of people she wants)...

My question and point to this story is this...Do people really think this is a christian way of acting? Doesn't the Bible say to forgive all? Now, I will admit, I'm not the best at doing this...actually... I SUCK AT IT! But I'm trying to get better. But, frankly, I'm tired of people using God and christianty to bring judgement to their fellow man.

I know I probably didn't do very well at getting my point across...but I hope you get the point. Let's be more understanding of each other. Let's not judge but accept and maybe, through understanding, we can witness to those who need witnessing.

God Bless!!

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Amanda M. said...

I love this post. Honest and real. I think you and I share a LOT of the same opinions. :)

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