In the Photo Friday

Over at Meredith's La Buena Vida, she's started a fun, little "project" to encourage herself and us (the momma bloggers) to put ourselves in more pictures and gain some body image. Mine is currently struggling a bit. I've list all but five pounds... but I'd really like to lose 15 more lbs. I'm still not back into my PP pants... but I'm getting closer. Really though, I'm struggling with my tummy. I've got stretch marks....and I loathe them. I invested in a one piece from Old Navy for Memorial Day wkend at the lake...and to my surprise, when I got there, I noticed that a one piece is not that much out of trend. But it got the job done and covered my stretch marks... but I digress.
The point of this is to take and post more pictures with me in them. I actually thought I had quite a few with Molly and I but I started looking on my computer and couldn't find many. The most recent is from Mother's Day in May. I mean, there are some with me in the side of the picture...but below is the most recent photo I have on my computer...so it will have to do for the first week. But this goes until September 1st so I will get better.

Notice, I didn't put my whole body in the pic...

God Bless!


thewilliamsroost said...

Came by to check out the other ladies that were doing this challenge. Your little girl is very adorable! And even without a full body shot, you have a wonderful smile that shows you're happy to be with her!


Meredith said...

What a sweet little picture! You guys look like you're having fun!

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