Carrie, Craig and Sylvia

Last night, Justin and I celebrated the birth of our daughter Molly (Feb 16th, 2010) by leaving her with mammaw and pappaw and going to see Carrie Underwood, Craig Morgan, and Sons of Sylvia.
He got the tickets for me on Valentine's Day. I was so surprised b/c I thought we weren't getting each other anything for V-day. PLUS...I LOVE CARRIE!!

A short review:

Sons of Sylvia were awesome!!!!!! Please check them out on You Tube or on Itunes!! They were on American Idol so you might recongize them! They sound kinda irish country. Plus the three guys are ver sexy musician brothers...I'm assuming their mother's name is/was Sylvia. :)

Craig Morgan was great!! He was very entertaining...and I love his new song..."This is ain't nothing"...amazing...

Carrie was....she was... just.... there are no words to describe how she was...amazing, great, the best, inspiring... and I could go on and on...she was sang "How great Thou art" amd I got
goosebumps. I like her before the concert last night but now....she's one of my faves!!!

Thanks babe!!! I love you!!!

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