38 weeks and a full moon!

As of today, I have 2 weeks until my EDD. I'm so ready to hold my little, precious princess in my arms. I went to my doc appt today and had my first experience with getting "checked". I was totally expecting to hear "No progress"...and after a very UNPLEASENT experience... I heard...

"1 cm dialated and 75% effaced!"

Holy Cow! I was kinda excited! Now...that really means absolutley NOTHING! BUT... I was still excited!

Here's the survey this week:

*How far along?: 38 weeks!!

*Total weight gain?: 35 lbs. (Up one pound this week)

*How big is baby?: around 7 lbs. (estimate), 19 inches long

*Sex: GIRL

*Maternity clothes: Most of my maternity pants still fit but most of my shirt are getting a little snug.

*Stretch marks: Good genes..although my mom had them... :)

*Sleep: Sleep is still just okay. I've lost a lot of sleep this week b/c I've been so worried! I'm trying to keep myself calm but...it's really hard.

*Best moment this week: Getting a snow day today. It was a nice surprise... OH... and spending all my Christmas money, gift cards and gift money (*thanks Pappa) on everything else that we needed before she got here. My mom went on Monday to Target, BRU and Baby News...the big purchases of the day: extra car seat base (which is installed and ready to go), bath toy holder, humidifer, bottle drier, etc. Nothing too exciting!

*Movement: This is the reason I've been so freaked out this week. She's started getting very quiet andf it totally weirds me out. She's been very active today though.

*Food cravings: back to fried pickles!!

*Labor signs: 1 cm dialated and 75% effaced. Still having some pretty intense BH but nothing real.

*Belly button in or out: Still out!

*What I miss: Sushi....I've decided that's going to be my "hospital" dinner. An Eye of the Tiger roll and Jurassic (spelling) park roll. YUM!!

*What I'm looking forward to: Meeting Miss Molly! Whenever that may be. Tomorrow is a full moon...here's to the barametric pressuring changing!

God Bless everyone!

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