39 weeks...and still no Molly!

Well...it's been a stressful week. As of yesterday...I'm offically a week out from my EDD! I had an appointment yesterday and mentioned to Dr. Graves that Molly has been quiet so she decided to do a non-stress test. After 30 minutes of listening to Molly's heart beat but still no movement... "Perfect!"...I guess since her heart is beating good, there's nothing to worry about. I've decided...after much thought...that I'm going to leave it in God's hands. It's him that is controlling this whole thing anyways. I've got no control and the sooner I figure that out...the sooner I can rest and relax peacefully. PLUS...I've decided that her movements have just changed. She's got zero room to move so they are just smaller and less noticeable.
Yesterday, I was 90% effaced and 1 cm dialted. The doc seemed a little surprised that I was 90%. She said, "I usually see that in women that are in labor!"...Then she said that she would let me go a week over. Holy cow! Molly Watch 2010 could potentially go 2 more weeks!!!!

Talk about stressing me out!

On a happier note: next Wednesday is offically me last day of work for 6 weeks...until March 29th. Don't ask me how I decided that day...I decided though that I would take a few days off so I could get my head around what wsa about to happen.

I finally uploaded belly pics from the last couple of weeks...so here you go!
37 weeks...FULL TERM!!

38 weeks

39 weeks

Please keep Molly, Justin and I in your prayers!! God Bless you all!

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