The first Thanksgiving

We spent Thursday in Springdale at my aunt Brenda and Uncle Jack's house. It was a lot of fun...we ate some great food, played Apples to Appples....and while it took Molly a while to actually get down for a nap, when she finally did, it was for a good 2 hours!! Whoo Whoo!!

Here's some pics from her first Thanksgiving!

Thursday night, Justin and Molly came on home, while mom and I stayed at Downstream Casino and Resort. The plan was to get up on Friday morning and do some Black Friday Christmas Shopping in Joplin...that didn't quite go as planned. We both came down with some kind of stomach bug and ended up throwing up all night. We made it home on Friday and both crahsed. A wasted day on vacation and NO Christmas shopping done...great!!

Yesterday, (Saturday), we celebrated with Justin's family... yummy, yummy, yummy...homemade cashew chicken and pie!!!
We went decked out in our RAZORBACK attire...b/c it was their last game and it all about beating LS...WHO? WHOO WHOO!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PIG SOOIE!!!!! Pour some sugar on me baby!!!!
And then last ngiht, we celebrated Justin's cousin Jerod's wedding reception...too bad Molly nor I felt very good! We came home about 8...

I hope everyone had a great one! God Bless!

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