Challenge Day 5: Your favorite quote

Oh this is an EASY - PEEZY one!

If you went to college with me you should know this one already....

How many have you have ever seen the movie "Sleepers"?

It's this creepy movie with Kevin Bacon (of course), Brad Pitt, and maybe Robert DeNiro. It's about child molestation in a boy's juvie prision in NYC (I think)...I've not seen it in forever...but the very last line of the whole movie is...

"The future lies sparkling ahead... and we thought we'd know each other forever."
It's amazing that at the time, I thought it was just a quote about the movie...but I look back on it now and we should've known it was true for us too. I had some great friends in college...but you grown up and move on!
God Bless!

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