9 Months!!

I can't believe that in just 3 SHORT months, we will have a 1 year old! Molly has been a VERY busy girl this month!

- She's started standing and cruising around the coffee table, ottoman, cabinets.
- She's wearing manily 12 months clothing.
- She's still wearing size 3 diapers...but they are getting snug.
- She's weighing about 21(?) lbs. and I'm guessing about 29 inches long....she's going to be tall...I hope!
- She's eating 4 bottles a day - mainly 7 oz. each - but 8 oz. at night.
- She's eating 3 baby food meals per day....mainly still stage 2 (sitter foods) but we've started the stage 3...crawler food
- She's sleeping about 10 hours per night...this is normal for her. 5:30 am comes and she's a awake...**I need to remember to take that alarm clock out of her room** - KIDDING!!!

Now for the pics...she's kind of a terd these days...so we didn't get very many.

God Bless!


Guillen said...

She's such a doll Sara! She looks just like your mom.

Mallory said...

YAY! A 9 month cutie!!

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