New Mommy Needs List

After catching up on all the blogs that I follow (last night and this morning)...and finally updating my own blog.... I decided to follow trend and make my list of must haves for new moms.

1. The Boppy Pillow...the DH didn't think it would be very useful but even he has started to use it. We use it to feed her, she has some tummy time on it, (and then on a flat blanket), and sometimes we use it just to make it easier to hold her. And....as you can see...it's a nice place for her to sit and watch the tube.
2. Sally the Seahorse...we named the seahorse...she loves it! It clams her down and most of the time puts her to sleep.

3. Jeffery the Giraffe... now, I know this is very similar or at least the same idea as Sally but we use them in different ways. Jeffery hangs on the cradle (and eventually on the crib) and KEEPS her asleep. Jeffery has a heartbeat sound that soothes her right back to sleep if she wakes up in the middle of the night and is a little fussy. I ordered Jeffery (again, a name we gave him) on Amazon but I saw the other day that Dillards sells them and Larry the Lamb (our name).

4. The travel Boppy Swing... at first Molly didn't like it but she's warmed to it.

PLUS... i don't think I've mentioned this before but I was a Zeta Tau Alpha in college and while I'm not close with anyone I was in Zeta with (mainly b/c most of them live in Arkansas and I live in Missouri), I still consider MOST of those girls my friends...I still chit chat with them on Facebook and such... and I know it's silly b/c Molly is years away from being in college...a girl can wish can't she.

Strawberries are a symbol of Zeta Tau Alpha and I still love anything w/ strawberries.
God Bless!

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Joy said...

we have the seahorse too but in blue... and the hubby calls it a sea dragon haha :)

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