The First

So I've decided that I don't spend enought time online (LOL) and figure this is a good way to journal my thoughts. I would like to think that I have an interesting life and good things to say, but you know, it may just be interesting and good to me.

First: I totally wish this school year was over. My freshman are driving me batty!! PLUS...there are people at this school that do more than drive me batty...they drive me absolutley NUTS!!!! We're studying World War II, which I LOVE!!! Today, we watched Pearl harbor. My girls can't get over how hot Josh Hartnett is...I'm totally sure that it's just the uniforms though.

CRAZY: I can't get over how open all these kids are. Why do they think that it's important to talk about their sex life? Or drinking? It's gross and disgusting...

Second: You ever have that feeling like something horribly bad is going to happen? I can't get over the fact that there is a pitiful feeling in my stomach. I'm dreading finding out why I feel like this. I truley hope that it is nothing too bad.

More to come later...gotta go to the doc...


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Ross said...

I have that feeling too...it is kind of weird. Hopefully there's no reason behind it.

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