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In mid-June, I started worlking on my "to-do" list for school.  See that post here.  So far, I've worked mainly on crafty projects but I'm getting down to the nitty-gritty and need to start working on big things.  Here's a updated version of that list...

There are some things crossed off the list!  Whoo Whoo!

I've spent the last couple of morning working in my classroom.  I feel like I have soooooooo much more to do and I'm going outta town next week for a 1:1 conference.

Here's some pics of projects in my classroom. 

Turn in Table: I changed this from trays to drawers.  I like this idea a lot more.  The bucket is for highlighers.  I will be throwing all "NO NAME" papers away this year.  I have a stack of about 100 papers as an example of why my old policy didn't work!

Pen and Pencils containers: I need to get pencils still but you can get the idea. The drawers below are for extra paper, notecards, and other supplies like scissors, and glue.

I totally redid my board and I love it.  The words "agenda" and "assignments" are hot glued to the vinal tape. I think it looks neat and tidy.  The students will look here everyday.

Completion of this project... I finally found some magnets that are strong enough.  I still used a suction cup for the remotes holder b/c it's stronger. 

We are required to post objectives for every class.  This is the other side of the board. Along with the date and time.

 A look at the board area.

This is on the bulletin board as the students walk through the door.  The different class holders will hold agends and objectives for the week!

It's slowly coming together.  I am glad to have time to do all this.  My husband is amazing. 

God Bless!

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