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Over at Heart on Homestead...Jessica posted her "eye candy" as she called them...you know, the five people you might leave the spouse for...(sorry babe)...or maybe "hang out" with for a while if you knew you wouldn't get in trouble...or get ice cream with...or do anything they asked you to....

You know, the idea from the "Freeblie List" from "Friends"... I'm pretty much like Rachel, I know exactly who is on my list.

Anywhoo... I'm constantly talking about my top five but have yet to blog about them...so I thought, since I've been absent as of late...I would come back with some "eye candy" of my own...

In all reality...this list might be a few more than five....my bad!

Without furthur ado...here's my top 5...some of which might surprise, confuse, or disgust you...don't judge me!

1. Always at the very top...Johnny Depp

Specifically the Johnny Depp in the "Pirates" movies! YUM!

But this Johnny is not bad either.... It's the dirty, bad boy, things about Depp that I've been in love since I saw a rerun of "21 Jump Street". His movies are almost always weird but they are entertaining and he is sexy...you can't deny that!

#2: Bradley Cooper

The Bradley that's in "Hangover"... he's cocky, arrogant, but aslo caring and just plain sexy! PLUS, he's teacher in the movie! So cute!

But the Bradley from "Wedding Crashers"...the more clean cut, (still arrogant), rich boy...is sexy too! OMG! Look at those eyes!!!

#3: Gary Sinise

This one might confuse you...but I'm puttting it out there with NO regrets! He is hot!

Good gosh...Mac Taylor is YUMMY!!

PLus...he's in a rock band...it's a charitable band...called what? What else...the Lt. Dan Band! I will be seeing them this summer at the Oshkosh fly-in. My goal is to get his autograph!

He's nice, he puts off an air of power...and he's Lt. Dan...come on! :)

#4: Channing Tatum

I understand that he's on everyone's list right now...but there's a reason...let me show you why!

He can be nice... nice hair, nice suit, nice boy....

Or not so nice....OMG!!!
::puts tounge back in mouth::

Is that not the greatest picture...EVER? I know....i agree...HOTTTTTTTTT! What's not to love? The fact that he shirtless? Or the basketball he's holding?

Oh and did you know that he use to be a male stripper? And they are making a movie about it? Really...pretty sure though that Justin will not let me see it... :(

Some of you may be asking yourself, "WHO?" I actually first found him on "Lost" but since I never watched that show except a couple of times....I was SO EXCITED to turn on the CW and find him on "The Vampire Diaries"...he's a really great reason to turn on your TV to teen drama!!

Look at THOSE eyes...they melt you don't they? It's like they go right through your soul!SO HOTT!!! So vampirey! So smoldering...You get the point...holy cow!

Also on my list.... Zac Efron, Prince Harry, Brad Pitt, Cory Monteith (Finn from "Glee"), Alex O'Loughlin, Adam Levine, Josh Harnett, Justin Timberlake ... oh and list could go on and on...

Alas, I need to go back to reality!

God Bless!


Amy said...

Ian from Lost is SO hot... I should really watch Vampire Diaries.

Jessica said...

YES!! Ian Somerhalder is so fine, and I completely forgot about Zac Efron, oh, he's totes on my list.

Holly said...

I like Johnny Depp, but only when he's playing Captain Jack Sparrow. ;) Bradley Cooper and Adam Levine are also very good choices.

Kayla Sue said...

OMG how could I forget Johnny Depp and Bradley Cooper?!?! Both so bad... both so yummy!

michelle said...

i love ian! but i never remember his name lol

Jumble Mash said...

Helllllllllllllo Ian!!! Yummy. I kinda forgot about him and considering I'm obsessed with Lost...that's sad.

megan said...

Bradley Cooper is sooooo dreamy! However, I think I need that photo of Channing Tatum as my computer screen saver. Don't judge me. :)

Anonymous said...

Prince Harry made my list too! Dee-licious.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, how could I forget jonny depp! and Mac Taylor! my bad totally.

Julia said...

Bradley Cooper was a close runner-up for me...yum!

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